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The homecoming of Sabvabaa

From the recovery of the FRAM-2014/15 ice camp and Sabvabaa in the Fram Strait on 18. August 12015. The sealer Havsel meet Yngve Kristoffersen at 81°N and escorted Sabvabaa back to Longyearbyen where the hovercraft bounced into Kullkaia on 22. August - one year farte the start of the ice drift station at 89°N in the Makarov Basin. Courtesy: Neil Weisbrod and Ariel Weisbrod.

Supplies delivered by the Royal Norwegian Airforce

The FRAM 2014-15 expedition was provided new supplies from the 333rd Squadron Orion C P3 air drop on April 10th.
This spectacular movie from the air drop is provided by with Copyright to the Royal Norwegian Airforce, Maritime Air Support Center (MASC) 333 Squadron, Andøya.

Lomonosov II

Lomonosov 1450m fish

Lomonosov I

Lomonosov 1450m